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The main function of MedicVOD is to capture and broadcast video camera signals emanating from scope cameras being used in General Surgery, Urology, Gynecology, Neurosurgery and Gastro operations and procedures. MedicVOD is not limited to scope cameras and can also capture any video signal in the OR coming from monitors, ultrasound devices and external cameras.

The system has two main capabilities:

Real-Time Video Broadcast of live medical procedures from the OR to external locations such as hospital meeting rooms, MD offices and on-call doctors at external locations, to any device - PC, tablet or mobile. The system provides a rich collaboration suite on-top of the live broadcast including live video chat, screen sharing, time-shift mode, and more.

Central Video Archiving provides integration to the hospital’s EMR/EHR system for easy access to past procedures. The system uses the existing hospital infrastructure and is fully integrated to the hospital information system and workflows with DICOM and HL7. Video and picture contents can be viewed from a dedicated app, over the web or from the hospital’s PACS and EMR systems.

MedicVOD customer videos - click to see how the system is being used already by different hospitals and departments.

Our system brings millions of dollars of savings for hospitals everywhere who now use ad hoc technologies with limited functionality to connect operating and procedure rooms for conferencing and local storage.

More importantly, our simple to operate approach allows OR staff or doctors to manage the system themselves, significantly reducing dependence on costly IT support.

MedicVOD enables real-time transmission over the Internet anyplace and anytime, including to mobile platforms. Orpheus Medical has secured both CE certification in Europe and 510k certification from the FDA in the US.

Principal features of MedicVOD:
  • Digital recording of medical procedures directly to an on-site server
  • Efficient archiving and compression of video assets maximizing storage resources
  • Live broadcasting of medical procedures to an unlimited number of viewers
  • Smart and efficient data retrieval using dynamic categories to produce various statistics and reports
  • Ability to view pre-recorded videos at every location and at any time
  • Turn-key system providing a user-friendly and intuitive user-interface